Outlaw-X Tele Comfort Brass Vintage Bridge Pro


Machined from solid brass.

Not only does our Outlaw-X Comfort Bridge look amazing, but it’s also the most comfortable bridge you ever rested your hand on. We have always wanted a Tele bridge that was more solid, precise,  and comfortable than the standard stamped metal bridges, so we sat down and designed our dream bridge. Here it is. This bridge is fully CNC machined from aluminum or brass to let us have thicker, smoother, and stylish walls surrounding the saddles that feel great on your hand and improve structural strength. This is a direct replacement for vintage spacing tele bridges. We have added holes at the front of the bridge if you would like to anchor the front of the bridge down and to help improve bridge alignment.

•Extreme Palm Comfort and Support
•CNC Machined for precision and strength
•Custom Finishes
•Vintage Tele Spacing
•Compensated or Tilt Compensated Saddles

Left Saddles are Compensated / Right are Tilt-Compensated